A Sweet Surrender

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Jan 24

Haven’t posted anything on here for a while, but check out this snippet of chapter 25 of my fanfiction (or start from the beginning:D)

Later that afternoon just as classes were about to finish Draco scribbled a note on a piece of paper and waited for the perfect time. Bill was just dismissing the class and Pansy had distracted Granger asking her about something he didn’t quite catch. But she was distracted and that was what mattered. Weasley, Potters one- not the teacher, was walking up to his brother and Draco took that opportunity to shove his note into Scarheads hand and bumping shoulders maybe a little too roughly, but he felt that it drove his point harder and kept up appearances to anyone who may have been watching.

He then promptly left the room so he could get back to his quarters before Granger did. Chances were she would be studying with Pansy until dinner, but he didn’t want to risk it.

Running his hand through his hair as he paced in front of his bed he felt his heart rate elevate. He knew that he needed to do something, and as far as he was concerned giving up Granger was out of the question.

Was it, though? It would keep her safe, and he’d been mean to her once before he was sure he could make her believe that he hated her again. But no, no he couldn’t do that. She was like a drug that he’d been taking for too long and now he was addicted. He could wean himself off her, but she made him feel so good why would he?

To save her life? One side of him argued. And it could be true, he hadn’t seen his father in a long time now, how much of a maniac was he? He’d killed before and Draco was sure he wouldn’t hesitate to kill again, particularly someone like Granger.

But with her two best friends, the fiery red headed wench and now himself, Blaise and Pansy she was protected all over the joint. They could handle his father if it ever came to it, but right now in this moment she couldn’t know about it. He couldn’t let her think of being with him as a threat. He would handle it and for once he wouldn’t do it alone.

Draco couldn’t believe that he would ever see a day where he would ask Potter for help, but apparently falling for the likes of Granger called for it. After all, he’d said he wanted a different life, who would have known Potter would have been a part of it. He’d written the bloke off after he didn’t accept his hand shake as an offer of friendship all those years ago. But now they shared an important comparison, they both cared deeply for a very special person. And that settled it, he would ask potter for help and due to the nature of the issue he would comply.

Draco finally stopped pacing and stood right by the pillow that had the note stashed underneath. He reached in and pulled it out, folding it and sticking it into a pocked in the pants he was wearing underneath his school robes. Suddenly finding it very hot he threw his robes on the bed and stalked out the door heading towards the classroom he told Potter to meet him in.

See chapter one HERE 

Jul 23

It wasn’t a question to whether or not they would sleep in the same bed that night as it was an unspoken understanding that they needed each other in the night times, in the most innocent way imaginable. The comfort of having each other next to them whilst they slumbered gave their unconscious beings the comfort of another bleeding soul residing next to one another. The bad dreams came less frequently, and when they did they weren’t nearly as severe for either of them as they had someone to cling to in the dead of the night where there was no shame and only understanding. It had become a pattern that they would retreat to Draco’s room to sleep over the last few nights, so Hermione found it strange that Draco was leading her towards her own room and not his.

Perhaps he was taking her there to get her a new sleeping shirt, she thought. And once they reached the bedroom door and stepped through the door was closed and they were in her room. Draco began undressing her, and she didn’t refuse out of shock that he was being so forward. Perhaps they were sleeping here tonight, after all. What did that mean. Why would he choose her room over his, her room was decked out in Gryffindor colours that she was sure he would detest. Suddenly she realised that her clothes were in fact being shed, and with that the realisation that Draco hadn’t seen her properly naked before hit her.

"Draco." She hissed, trying to stop him from unbuttoning her blouse.

"What?" He asked innocently.

"Stop." she said softly, swatting his hands as they made quick work of her buttons. "you haven’t seen me like that yet!"

"Actually," He began, smiling up at her "I have. Remember when you were intoxicated and wanted me to ‘help you’?"

"Oh." She said, remembering very vaguely the moment he was speaking of. "Well, that doesn’t really count. Besides, that wasn’t all of me.”

"Would you rather I closed my eyes whilst you got into bed?" He asked, playfully, still attempting the release of her shirt.

"Well, no." She said.

"Then what do you want, Granger?" He said, slowly becoming annoyed with the game.

"You go first." She said in a small voice.

He took two steps away and locked eyes with her as he pulled his tie off and slowly unbuttoned his own button down shirt. Not once did he look away as he tossed the shirt to the side, letting it float haphazardly to the floor. He reached down to the zipper of his pants and paused, feeling his groin tighten from the look of sheer want on her face. The hungry look on her face propelled him into action again, pulling down the zipper and letting his pants fall to the floor before kicking them swiftly on top of his shirt.

He was now standing not far away from her in just his socks and underwear, his shoes having been kicked of hours ago before they started their homework. He could see her breathing become heavy, her eyes were fixating on the bulge that was protruding in his underwear.

Ne-Ne-New Chapter. It’s chapter 22! Can’t believe it! Hope you like it and review it and follow it and all of that jazz. It’s getting into it now. Much love to you all that do like and follow it <3


Jul 10

Shitting myself because I submitted a new story to Fanfiction and don’t want them to delete my work but I had to practice writing a little bit of smut into a story somehow. 

Just a little idea that came to me whilst I was trying to write my other story. 

Let me know what you think, please! :) x

"That didn’t upset you, did it?" Draco said, once they were in their common room just the two of them sipping their cups of tea.

"What did?" Hermione said, looking up from the book that was propped on her knees.

"The kiss." Draco said.

"Oh." Hermione said, closing the cover of the book and placing it on the coffee table before rearranging herself on the couch, knowing that this would be a long conversation. "No, it didn’t upset me. Or bother me. Or make me angry. It didn’t make me feel much of anything, and I’m not sure why people keep thinking it did."

"Well, he was your boyfriend." Draco suggested.

"Yeah, for a few months, after a war that could have easily killed us all. After almost seven years of being best friends, of him feeling like my family. If it was fourth or fifth year that he had asked me out, wanted to date me, things may have been different. The shock of having our lives back, after almost dying on so many occasions made me want to give it a go. It was what was expected of me. I tried, it wasn’t what I wanted. I stopped feeling things for him long before we broke up. No, him kissing Pansy didn’t make me jealous, Draco. That’s really what you wanted to ask." Hermione bit out, angrily.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay, is all." Draco said in a soft voice, moving onto the couch she was sitting on.

"Well, I’m fine." She said grumpily, tired of people thinking she wasn’t okay.

"That tone of voice suggests otherwise." He said, coming closer to stoke a piece of her unruly hair behind her ears. She shuddered from the contact.

"I’m fine." She said again, calmer this time. Suddenly his lips were on hers and they were kissing so aggressively it rivalled Pansy and Ron’s earlier one. Draco’s hands were in her hair, tangled amongst the curls controlling their kiss. Hers had moved over his chest and were now draped around his neck as she moved to get closer to him, like there was too much space between their two bodies.

He took her face in his hands, his fingers resting behind her ear and held her still, looking deep into her eyes. “There’s no one to stop us, this time.” he whispered, his nose rubbing gently against hers.

"I know." She whispered back before claiming his mouth once more, moving him to sit straighter on the couch so she could straddle him and control the kiss. Her hand reached up into his hair, revelling in the silkiness and smoothness of it. She wondered how someone could have such effortlessly perfect hair, and mentally thanked him for throwing out the gel he’d used in their younger years.

"You look so beautiful like this, you know." He groaned out between kisses, his hands around her waist. "So beautiful, so undone, so wild and free." His voice came out in a strained whisper and she could feel himself growing harder against her. This made her grasp just how real this was. She was kissing Draco Malfoy, and she didn’t know what he wanted, what she wanted, she didn’t know anything and it frightened her. It frightened her so much that she had stopped kissing him.

"What’s wrong?" he asked softly, brushing her wild hair from her face, and back onto her back.

"Um," She said unsure of what to tell him, bringing her bottom lip into her mouth.

"Granger, there is no Pansy, no Gryffindors, no Blaise to come and distract us this time. Nothing to stop this."

"That’s the problem." She said shyly "What is this?"

"What do-"

"What are we doing Draco?" she said, starting to climb off his lap.

"Well I don’t know about you, but I was kissing this amazingly smart, beautiful, sexy girl." He said, holding her closer to him, so that she couldn’t escape.

"Draco." She said, blushing.

"Fine. We were kissing, I like kissing you. I like you." He said as if it were that simple. "What are youdoing?”

"I, I don’t know. I need to think this out logically. Should we be doing this, what will happen between us if we keep kissing like that?"

"Granger, you have to stop thinking so much. You spend so much time thinking it’s a miracle your brain hasn’t exploded. We were kissing, we can take it step by step. We can keep kissing, and who knows where it will end up. Isn’t that the point?"

"The point is, I don’t like not knowing. I spent so long not knowing if I would live or if this would be the day that I die. I need to know.” She said in a small voice, cuddling into his chest.

"Granger, it’s going to be okay. I’m not going to hurt you." He said, wrapping his arms around her tighter, though a foreign feeling for Draco he enjoyed the closeness thoroughly. "If you just want to kiss, we can just kiss. There is plenty of time for other things. We take it at your speed, okay?"

"Okay." She agreed, looking up at him and kissing him softly on the lips. Once their lips met again they were back to how they were before. Passion filled, and kissing relentlessly. Hermione pushed her doubts and worried to the back of her mind and focused on the fantastic feeling that kissing Draco brought out in her.

Chapter 20 of A Sweet Surrender. 

Apr 4

"You’re staring at her again." Blaise said. 

"I am not." Draco said, busying himself in his potion.

"If you say so." Blaise said, putting something foul smelling into his cauldron that they both scrunched up their faces in disgust. "Is there anything you wanted to tell me though?"

"Honestly, Blaise, what would I have to tell?" Draco drawled. 

"Oh you like to play it cool, but I can tell you’re distracted. I’ve known you for quite a while, do you forget that? Besides, I didn’t see you this weekend at all, I though we were going to do a little bit of quidditch practice? I want to try out this year, remember?" 

"Mmmm." Draco said, staring off in the distance almost putting in an ingredient that was sure to blow up half the classroom. Luckily Blaise pulled his hand away before he dropped it in.

"Seriously mate, you’re a mess. Did you even hear what I said?" Blaise said trying to get Draco’s attention.

"Yes. Something about you being wildly attracted to me." Draco teased. "Sadly Blaise, I do not swing that way, not even for an attractive enough man as yourself. I go for the fairer sex."

"Yes, I’ve quite noticed that. What with all that staring at the fairer sex, in particular one very smart member." 

"Shut your mouth Blaise, I heard you. You wanted to do quidditch practice?" Draco said grasping at the littlest thing he could remember Blaise saying. 

"Yes. On the weekend. Last weekend. As in the one that just passed and I didn’t see you once." Blaise said, slightly frustrated now. "Are you going to tell me why you were no where to be found?" 

"Could have found me if you’d wanted?" Draco said casually. 

"I tried. I even asked Pansy who hadn’t seen you either, and she bloody knows everything usually. You dropped off the map." Blaise pressed. "Where were you. What were you doing… Who were you doing?” Blaise asked nodding his head towards Granger. 

"Just because we live close to each other doesn’t have to mean we’re fucking Blaise. How classy of you to assume that." Draco said. 

"So what, you’re not going to share the details with me then? I always do for you.” Blaise said, pretending to be upset. Draco assumed he probably was, or would have been had their been anything much to tell. And there wasn’t any of the details that he would have wanted to know anyway. He hadn’t fucked her, even though he’d been given an opportunity for it. 

"Can we stop talking about this now, Slughorn is getting suspicious that we’re not doing any work." Draco said, it was half true, he’d noticed the man look over twice but hadn’t looked like he was going to do much about them talking. 

"But I don’t think we’re done here. I can tell that there’s something that you’re not telling me. So what is it?" Blaise pestered.

"I’ve already told you all there is to tell, and that’s nothing, nothing to tell so just drop it." Draco warned. 

"I don’t believe you." Blaise said simply.

"And why the fuck not Blaise? What reason have I given you for you not to t-" Draco started but Blaise cut him off quickly. 

"The reason happens to be staring at you right now. And has been for half of the lesson every time you look away from staring at her.  Something is happening here and you’re not letting me in on it. “ 

"She was staring?" Draco said as nonchalantly as possible, trying and failing to keep the hope from his voice. 

"Yes," Blaise said, and Draco knew from the smile on his face that he had received all the confirmation he needed. "Yes, she was. "

- From Chapter 13 of A Sweet Surrender. 

Read the whole story from the beginning here, and let me know how you like it :) xx

Mar 6

"Wow Malfoy, I never knew you saw me that day. I didn’t really notice anyone that day, I was too excited about the prospect of learning new things that everything else kind of didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t even bother with thinking about getting a familiar because I had spent all my money and time buying extra books." She said with a laugh. 

"Speaking of pets, didn’t you have an cat? That one with it’s face that looked like it had been trampled by a pack of hippogriffs?" He asked.

"His name is Crookshanks, and he doesn’t look like that thank you! He’s at my parents, they grew fairly fond of him over the summer and he seemed more comfortable there so I didn’t want to disturb him by bringing him here. Besides, I was worried that whomever would be head boy wouldn’t want him around. And I will bet that you wouldn’t have allowed it." 

"And why is that? Do I not look like an animal lover?"

"Well, you’re quite - er- regal? you look like if you were to come into contact with a pet it might dirty you? Besides remember what happened with the hippogriff" She said shyly. 

"I would rather like to forget that ever happened. And as a matter of fact I am quite fond of pets, just not really big ones that have the ability to rip my chest open." He said, smirk still in place. 

"Fair enough, but Buckbeak really is quite sweet you just have to know how to approach him." 

"That thing had a name?" He said scathingly, and Hermione gave him a look so he shrugged and went back to reading his book. 

-From Chapter 12: Don’t Let Me Fall, A Sweet Surrender.

Chapter 12 is now up! Go have a read :) x

Feb 15

"Granger?" Draco said, pulling away from their kiss.

"Mmmm." Granger replied, trying to press herself into Malfoy some more, beginning to nuzzle at his neck. 

"Granger. Stop." He said, and when she didn’t he made to stand up, pulling her up with him. 

"What are you doing?" She asked, wanting to be near him again. 

"Granger, you just broke up with your boyfriend today, you’ve drunk a lot todays and I don’t want to take advantage of you like this." 

"You’re not. I want this. I- I want this, really." She said, trying to kiss him again but he held her off.

"You’re drunk." He said. 

"You’re sexy." she replied smiling. 

"Ah! So you do find me attractive then?" He asked, using the topic as a way of distracting her. 

"What do you think?" She said, struggling to keep touching and kissing him still. 

"Granger, really, you are drunk. If sober you could see drunk you right now she would cringe. This isn’t what you want. You just think it is. I’m taking you to bed." He said, picking her up. 

Above is a little sneak peak of the new chapter up from my story A Sweet Surrender that I have just uploaded :)  It’s chapter 11 and you can read it here 
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Feb 6

Thanks everyone for their suggestions of what fics to read! I’ll be set for ages now! 

Some of those fics I’ve read and have been some of my all time favourite (Claiming Hermione I read on the plane on the way to England in the middle of last year! such a good flight! and A Pound of Flesh was the very first Dramione fic that I read that got me absolutely loving this pairing. And What the Room Requires is absolutely amazing - definitely up there on my top favourites. And I’ve also read Eros&Psyche just waiting for more updates!! :) And there were a few more that I have read and loved.) 

But now i’ve got heaps more to fall in love with. I just finished Aurelian and it was really good! At first when I started reading and realised that it was a fic that seemed focused around a child I was apprehensive (I usually don’t like children involved in the fics i read unless it’s in the epilogue or in the vast future) But this was really really well done, and I absolutely loved it. Now I’m onto my next fic, haven’t quite decided which to try because now I have so many options!

Thanks again everyone! 

Feb 5

Can someone recommend me a few dramione fics to check out. 

Not Iso, The Fallout, Hunted, Lady Malfoy because i’ve read them, but ones that are quite similar to any of those. I don’t mind if they’re WIP as long as they’ve got enough chapters already written for me to get hooked. 

I’ve gone through heaps of fanfics lately and am running out of ones that are well recommended, and that I haven’t read.  

Thank you for your help!?

Feb 3

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